FUNGram | Snap | Tag | Print | Repeat

Snap | Tag | Print | Repeat

FUNGram is our brand new offering, here at Fun Zone PhotoBooths! Cell phone cameras are synonymous with every day life. Instagram is the fastest growing social network. The world is awash in digital pictures and at your wedding, party, graduation those cell phones will be clicking hundreds of times, documenting hundreds of fun little moments. So many of these pictures will disappear into the social churn, likely never seen by you.

FUNGram is the answer to harnessing this social buzz! A unique approach to event photography that you and your guests will love! Your guests can take pics on their smart phones, then upload them to social networks like Instagram or Twitter with a unique hastag created just for your special event. Form there our speical software instantly searches the social media for your unique hashtag and display all the images tagged with your hastag on a touchscreen. You or your guests will be able to choose to print the photos they just took. Instant photo gratification!

Snap | Tag | Print | Repeat

The FUNGram Kiosk can go anywhere internet can be connected to! Customize prints with your event logo, wedding monogram, or company logo. Your guest’s will have a 4×6 memory to remember your special event for years to come with.

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